MATCHAGA Pamper yourself to a sip of energy from the arctic forests of Finland and the emerald-green plantations of Japan. Try our organic Matchaga drink – a combination of legendary wild Chaga mushrooms and energizing Matcha green tea. your daily ritual to uplift your body and mind

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Our Chaga is handpicked
100% wild organic natural extract.


Our Chaga is hand-picked in the polar forests of Finnish Lapland, which have remained so untouched by humankind that they have been certified as (truly) organic. There, wild-growing Chaga mushrooms face extreme temperature fluctuations for up to several decades. Due to these harsh conditions, the Chaga mushroom contains high concentrations of bioactive substances and is a great source of adaptogens, beta-glucans, enzymes and antioxidants. It also draws other therapeutic substances, for example betulinic acid, from the birch tree trunks on which it grows. Chaga provides the taste of black tea without any hint of it’s origins.


Our Matcha comes from a traditional tea growing area in the prefecture of Aichi. Before harvesting, the Matcha plantations are covered to increase the chlorophyll levels and active substances in the tea leaves. Each step of the cultivation and production process is carefully monitored and documented. The best hand-picked tea leaves are blanched, dried and finely ground on special granite stones. This technique produces only one ounce of Matcha per hour.

Both powders complement each other and make for a complex drink. The neutral taste of Chaga softens the distinctive taste of Matcha, resulting in a lasting experience for the whole day.